CE-180B FR

  • 100% Flame Retardant
  • Ergonomics curve which fits knee and tibia
  • Swivel cap to provide basic abrasion
  • Flat fitting panel for easy moving
  • The lightweight Jelly Gel patella delivers mils of soft, responsive cushioning
  • Adjustable straps and Clip-on fastening system
  • Light weight - Less than 200g/PR

The latest GEL welding KNEE PADS – FR CE-180B 
Only comfortable on patella is not enough to professional workers. The GEL FR CE-180B is made by Jelly Gel are designed to pressure distribution issue of foam not only patella but also knee. Such knee pads are usually much comfortable to kneeling. It provides comfort, pain relief potential, durability, initial odor and breathable retention ability. Certificated ISO 6941:1984 measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens. 

Suitable Market: Tillers and pavement-layers, Floor layers, paver, road makers and canal workers, Salters, painters, carpenters, interior decorators, gardeners and landscape gardeners

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  • Stitching
  • Click-on buckle system
  • Fabric Construction

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