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We sell protective gear for all purpose. Now we have sporting line, including motocorss gear, ice hockey protective goods, snowboard protector, skate gear. ;industrial line including kneepads, tool belt, back support and accessories.

Yes, we have continued to improve our products in order to get more standards with certificates or test reports. 

Yes. We have factory in Guang Dong Province, China. 

If you have any question or need further details about us, you can send us e-mail: or . And then we would be very glad to offer you our best service according to your requirements.

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Yes, certain models of G.M.Y. Kneepads can be laundered in washing machine. Those kneepad types are mainly for Gardening. The specific model numbers are: CE-306/CE-306B, CE-100, CE-110, CE-120, CE-125, CE-130, CE-135, CE-215B, CE-175/CE-175B, and CE-185.

Yes. For this concern, G.M.Y. provides you with our CE-185 and CE-285 which is a soft pad that you could apply if you get pockets at the knee area on your working trousers.

Yes. CE-190B, CE-195B, CE-200B, and CE-205B are injection gel kneepads.

Actually they are all with the injected gel to support your knees as well as provide you shock absorption of kneeling. The various textures on the front cap are to give you different options at the appearance.

Based on the practical experience from the onsite workers, G.M.Y. noticed that highly request on great stability when workers spend much time working in kneeing position. To respond the demand of being stable and comfortable, G.M.Y. develops and introduces its CE-230B and CE-235B of No Rock Cap and Gel Cushion System to the market.

No. All kneepads are free size. The kneepads constructed with elastic strap on the top for size adjustment and webbing on the bottom for position secure.

To achieve the best fit and comfort when putting our gears on, it is recommended that you could measure your body first. Then, please access to DOWNLOAD section for downloading the size chart. Find out what size would suit you most. (Little reminder here: for downloads please login first.)

Feel curious of how our factory looks like? A tour has been arranged for you. 

Here are the benefits/features of our CE approved Kneepads: Perfectly Protecting & Covering of the knees / Quality Assurance approved by EN 14404 / Ergonomically Design to fit the knees and bring the best comforts / 3-Steps to put on & off & adjustment / Special buckles & straps design brings easy-wear & time-saver / High-impact resistant GEL insertion / Hard-Cap & Special Texture gives non-slip effect / Quantity-offering limit. Features on the Market according to European Regulations of EN 14404 : No EN 14404 Certificates, No Selling!! / Critical Inspection(Examination) guarantee High Qualification!! / EN14404 Qualified Products makes G.M.Y. standing out among the other Competitions.


1. Regarding the impending “Rules Covering Defect Returns”, according to commonly accepted practice in international trade, the defect rates of 1 percent and 3 per thousand are both within the acceptable range; we can only provide you spare parts on the prorated basis.

2. If a product fails due to a manufacturing or materials defect, even after extended use, we will replace or repair it to restore the original function without charge, at our option. This warranty does not include product failures resulting from accidents, misuse, improper care, or normal wear.

3. As soon as we receive your garment, we check it and work out a solution for your case (repair, partial- or full warranty). Repairs and partial warranty are subject to a charge. Returns can not be after tag removal and water washing.

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